May Training – 24hr Mountain Bike Race

Steveyo starting the 24hr race.

Steveyo at the 24hr race

In May Steve, Roland and Vince rode in a 24hr mountain bike race in Ontario known as the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”.    Perry was also signed up but got a nasty stomach flu just before and had to bail (there may be a curse to this race, something similar happened to 2 riders the year before).   Each rider from a team rode an 8mile lap one at a time, tagging the next rider back at the start/finish line.  The race starts and ends at noon, so we ride all day and night, using headlights to navigate the single-track after sunset.  Typically the early-morning laps are the hardest not only because of the dark and sleepiness, but also because the laps are starting to add up on your body.

Members of the 2 unicycle teams

Unicycle Teams


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