May Training – Outside Adventures 6 Hour MTB Race

6 hour mtb raceA couple of weeks before Ride the Lobster, Steve and I decided to ride in the Outside Adventure 6 hour MTB Race. We both registered as solo riders and were familiar enough with the course to know we’d be hurting by day’s end. For me, the race was meant to prove to myself that I could handle the upcoming Ride the Lobster.

Steve started off fast and quickly lost me.  I decided to take a paced approach. I didn’t want to burn out short of 6 hours. About 4 hours in, Steve had to stop. He had some ankle or knee issues that weren’t worth pushing through just weeks before the big race.  He was a lap ahead at this point, and I was determined to make up the difference and then some.

With encouragement from both Steve and the race oranizer (Heather Rizzi), I dug down deep and managed to finish the full 6 hours with one lap more than Steve.  My first muni win!  With that feather in my cap, I was ready for Ride the Lobster.


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