June Training – 500 mile race in Nova Scotia

Steve, Roland, Vince and Perry all participated in a race called “Ride The Lobster” in Nova Scotia.  This was a 5-day, 500mile relay race.  Steve, Roland and Vince rode together on Team Personal Rollercoaster while Perry rode with a friend from Vermont and UK on Team Balance.   There were 33 other teams there from around the world, and an amazing amount of locals out on the road cheering, contributing to a great atmosphere.

some east coast riders
The final results had Personal Rollercoaster in 4th place and Balance in 27th. 

Steve has a great write up of the full race here

Roland has a full set of pictures here.

Here is my cliff notes version:

Day 0: This lobster is great, but can we get this thing started already!
Steve waiting around

Day 1: I can’t believe I am riding in first place…er, there goes Ken Looi, I mean second place…woops, there go the German speeders, I mean third place….who are these guys…Texacalifragilistic? Oh well, I still can’t believe we are in 4th place.
(Rollercoaster at start of day 2)
Rollercoaster start of day 2

Day 2: I can’t believe we are in the front again, this might actually be for real. Pesky Texacali passes us again later in the day. Darn them! Rains a lot, but at least its not too cold or windy.
Roland and Vince with schoolkids in the rain
Day 3. Time Trials are fun, only ~1hr of riding. Crits are even more fun, but I want a do-over
riders in the Criterium race

Day 4. The ups and downs feel like a personal roller coaster! We love it and keep ahead of Texacali. Lots of great dueling in the middle of the race. Team Smile loves the course even more, wins the day, and beats us by so much we don’t even see them towards the end.
Roland riding between two German Speeders

Day 5. We start the day about 30 seconds behind Texacali in a fight for overall 3rd place. We push hard but can not stay with them. We stay ahead of Smile and are thrilled to finish 4th. The sun comes out for the last great downhill, and we even get a tailwind to push us home. Splendid wrapup to a fantastic week. Ice cream and beer follow as just rewards.
Vince, Steve, Roland


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