July Training – Exploring the Long Path

Since our Panama ride will be the first ever unicycles on the Las Cruces trail, and in some places the first cycle of any kind, we (Perry, Roland, Steve) thought we should try some local exploration down untypical trails. We chose the “Long Path” which runs from NY City up into our area. We shuttled with 2 cars giving us added incentive to do push through to the finish no matter what the trail turned out to be like, and ended up doing 11 miles.

The first few miles up to Roemers Lookout and back down through Thacher state park were great. We were all on 24″ but these certainly would have been fine on a 29″. In the park we had some fun on stairs and rocks and got plenty of comments from the weekend crowd.

Leaving Thacher state park the woods became more remote, and the single track more challenging, lots of little dips and rises, plus mud, added up to more walking. As Steve said “There were 3 or 4 miles of the most uneven, rocky, rooty, cobbly trails I’ve ever been on. I’ve certainly never ridden anything this hard to ride for this long. This new portion of the Long Path trail was typically a meter or two of rooty, rocky flat section, then a meter or two with a one or two foot dip, sprinkled liberally with rocks and roots. Literally every meter or two was another steep ditch out of which we had to climb. We rode for miles standing on the pedals, without being able to sit at all. It was one of the most difficult rides I’ve ever done.”

Will Panama be this much fun?!

 full set of pictures up here


One response to “July Training – Exploring the Long Path

  1. Steveyo briefly mistook a signpost for his unicycle. He made it surprisingly far on the wooden sign before realizing his mistake and turning back.

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