August Training – Tongue Mountain

Continuing the theme of trying trails on a uni that maybe we shouldn’t, Steve and Roland went all the way up and around Tongue Mountain in the Adirondacks.  This “ride” had some of the best views, but also the least riding since the track was so hard and had so many hills.

It took us a total of 7hrs to do the 13 miles, including 4200″ vertical.  This probably would have been a lot easier if we had just hiked the whole thing, but we doggedly kept getting on and then falling off the unis.  The ‘on’ parts were fun, including some great rocky sections.  I was tired after 5hrs, so after 7hrs of constant exercise I was, er,  super extra tired. 

This was a good exercise for our Panama project.  We learned what kind of packs we would need, what else to carry (extra socks) etc…

We also brought a water pump with us, which was absolutely essential on this long ride.  We stopped 3 times to pump water from a stream into our camel pack.  We’ll need to do this in Panama too, and it worked great.  Kind of felt like cutting the leash in terms of letting us roam farther from the trail-head.


GPS track of our route and elevation here

More pictures here


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