Update on the last part of the Camino de las Cruces Trail


Marcos Garcia is a friend in Panama who is helping us with our ride.  Here is a post from him about the trails.

Today we started clearing parts of the Camino de Cruces road because the forest was winning, trying to take back the trail. I went with park guards to look at the section from Madden highway to Chivo Chivo road, the last part of the trail crossing from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Panama’s nature ministry, ANAM, gave me a tour of parts of the trail to check its condition. They are very interested in the unicycle crossing and are giving their whole support to help us with this activity.

However, about 3km of the trail are not now open, and other parts are partially overgrown. Therefore, we are immediately starting to clean the trail with a team of machete-men. We should complete it by Sunday, so that the trail will be ready for the unicycles to ride through Camino de las Cruces National Park next week!



5 responses to “Update on the last part of the Camino de las Cruces Trail

  1. Thanks for the update Marcos. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

  2. sweet! jungle wifi updates.

  3. Thanks, Marcos. Can’t wait to party with you down in Panama!

  4. Hi,
    Vincent just called me to let me know his flight to Newark was cancelled. Instead, he’s flying to Miami and then to Panama (flight AA 959). He is supposed to be in Panama at around 19h30 today.

  5. Thanks Malorie – I’m sure he’ll be glad get to the warm weather a few hours early. I hope the others can make it through Newark.

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