Day 1 complete

We just finished day 1 of our ride and are relaxing at BCI (an island in the canal).  This was supposed to be our easy day, but it turned out to be a little more challenging than we had anticipated.

Highlights of today’s ride:

  • Rode through Castillo (Castle) San Lorenzo on the Caribbean coast.
  • People were very excited to see us and wanted to know all about the trip.
  • Rode with giant butterflies.
  • Heard Howler Monkeys.
  • Rode through the locks and watched some enormous ships.
  • Took a small boat from the locks to BCI with a forest guard as our captain.

Special thanks to Marcos – our driver, guide, friend and goto guy.

Wish I could post some video or photos, but we’re just not equipped at the moment.  I’ll try to post more later in the week, but additional updates may have to wait until our return.

– Perry


15 responses to “Day 1 complete

  1. You guys rock! Perry’s green hair also rocks. Enjoy the ride, the wildlife, etc. Can’t wait to get the whole scoop.

    J &L&E

  2. Perry,
    We enjoyed the highlights of the first days ride. We look forward to seeing pictures.
    What is Laura doing while you ride?

  3. Just added a few picts from BCI

  4. Great pictures. It is almost like we are there. The weather looks like it is beautiful. The giant butterflies sound like a nice experience.

  5. Keep up the great work guys!!!!

  6. Keep the work and Pictures for us in the winter wonderland

  7. Wow, guys. Rock on.

  8. Hahaha nice !
    Keep it going !
    You all look so good on those unicycle !

  9. Lucie Carpentier

    Hey, hello from Québec, Mont Ste-Anne bikers that think you guys are just too much.

    Special hello to Vincent from Benoit Cayer

  10. Jean-Paul et Raymonde

    Hey, special hello to Vincent from his mom and dad.
    Have fun and take care. You’re in our mind every day.
    Nous sommes très heureux pour toi, on t’envie un peu car on annonce -25°C pour les trois prochains jours. Avec le facteur de refroidissement, çà va descendre à -35°C c’est pas chaud.
    On t’embrasse.

  11. Thanks for sharing the pictures (and words) Looks wonderful! Have fun, you gnarly guys!

  12. Mercedes Welles

    Hi Laura & Perry,
    We are having fun following your trip, and wish I could see those butterflies!
    Love Mom

  13. Annette and Peter


    Peter and I are very much enjoying your trip
    with you…you look great…CONTINUE TO

  14. Is that a Nova Scotia tartan bandana? Sweet!

  15. Good eye. The tartan came in handy when I needed to keep the blazing sun off my scalp.

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