Day 2 – Still Alive

Today we started at 7am with a boat ride to Buena Vista Penninusla and ended by riding our unis down Pipeline road into Gamboa at dusk.  This day included extensive riding on small footpaths and a dirt road, as well as a bit of jungle bushwacking.  By the end, a long day marked by lots of highlights (and a few lowlights).  These will have to wait for elaboration as I’m going to bed so I can get ready for crossing the Chagras early tomorrow morning to ride the Camino de Cruces!



12 responses to “Day 2 – Still Alive

  1. Jesus Alonso-Regalado

    Conquistadores in the jungle!!
    Mucha suerte, ya os queda poco!
    Any good Panamanian cheese?

  2. It’s 7 degrees in Albany, not counting the wind chill factor. Also, the toilet clogged this morning.

  3. That looks like fun to me.

  4. We’re excited to be following your progress from Vermont. You guys are truely innovators & adventurers. Wishing you fun, safe travels & a fungus-free trip!

    Bill & Montpelier Unicyclists

  5. Looks like fun, don’t get lost in the jungle!

  6. Mercedes Welles

    Hi Laura & Perry, Love Mom!

  7. Mercedes Welles

    Hi Laura & Perry,
    See you are having a great time! Wish I could see those butterflies!
    Love , Mom

  8. Is it a little warm down there? I understand the cockroaches are the giant economy size.

    Keep pedaling.

  9. Sharon Kundinger

    Perry, greetings from chilly Milwaukee – supposed to get to around -20 F overnight. Great pictures. What an adventure.

  10. I like the green hair. Looking forward to reports of the rest of the adventure. Cuz Beth Mindlin

  11. You probably already know this but “All Over Albany” is featuring an article about your trip. I am enjoying reading your blog but wonder when Brad is going to talk about food!

  12. I can’t wait to hear about the trip first hand Brad! Great pics! Pedal on!!!
    Dipping below ZERO here in Albany… Enjoy

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