Team interviewed for Public Radio as they exit jungle

Hi, we have made it out of the jungle and have the Pacific ocean in our sights.  Just as we left the jungle, and got into cellphone range, we did an interview with Public Radio International’s (PRI) the world show.   We will be featured in their geoquiz which should air tonight (15th Jan) so tune in!

The link is live now

The show will then be archived on their website here.

off to the ocean!!

Gold route | PRI\’s The World


5 responses to “Team interviewed for Public Radio as they exit jungle

  1. Not an easy thing to do. How are the bugs? Better than the frozen north.

  2. Mercedes Welles

    Hi Laura & Perry,
    Do not know what happened with my last Email so here Iam again! Great experience for Perry to deal with the jungle! Hope you all have lots of FUN!
    Love Mom
    Note: Laura send me an EMail if you can.

  3. Can’t wait to hear and read the blow by blow of the trip across.

  4. Just driving down the road in MN w/30 below windchills blowing around me and tunin’ to PRI The World. Who did I hear on there but . . . YOU! Way to go!! Great interview btw. Chow por ahora!

  5. Had just got in the car at 7:45 pm and hear the geo quiz and knew it was you called home to get them to turn on the radio. It is only -23 below. Loved the interveiw

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