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Thanks for the Comments

Just want to say thanks for all of the comments.  We really enjoyed reading them and were happy to see that so many people followed our progress.

We’ve got about 20 hours of video footage and countless photos. We’ll continue to post updates as we sort through everything.

Until then… get out there and unicycle!



Day 4 – Journey Complete

Somewhere around 7:30pm on Thursday evening, we popped a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the completion of our ocean to ocean trek.  It was an emotional finish, as Panama Viejo came into view and the realization we completed something never done before, sunk in. Planet Jupiter smiled down upon us.

The day started with a long ascent that we could not ride.  Thankfully, we started early and there was a cool (for Panama) breeze to keep us comfortable. Upon reaching the summit, we were treated to a gradual, but long descent that was a blast to ride.  Day 4 was looking promising.

Within an hour, Perry had his first flat and after a quick patch, everyone was back up and riding.  But not for long.  Within minutes, Perry flatted again.  Time for a new tube. Flats became the theme of the day. The trail for day 4 was fantastic, but with what seemed like a constant string of flats for Perry, Brad, and Roland, it took a long time to get out of the jungle. It finally got to the point where Perry could no longer patch his tube and had to hoof it out.  Brad offered keep him company, and after hiking with the unis for about one and a half hours, the group was back together and Marcos was there for support.

Coming out of the jungle at Camino de las Cruces park

Coming out of the jungle at Camino de las Cruces park

Steve, Vince, Brad, and Roland continued to ride while Marcos gave Perry a lift to a local Pizza place where the team could get some lunch and finally put in a fresh tube. No more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  We devoured two gaint pizzas and quickly downed some large Cokes.

After lunch all 5 unis hit the hot road and battled with traffic as we made our way towards downtown Panama. Soon, we were in the thick of city traffic and the contrast between day 4 and days 1-3 was stark.  The cries of howeler mokeys were replaced by engine breaking of large trucks.  The soothing calls of birds replaced by the honking of horns. Smells of the jungle became a fleeting memory as we rode into the heart of Panama City.

The first half hour of riding through the city was quite fun. People whooped, hollered, gawked, and waved as we rode past. We’re certian this scene has never before played out in Panama City.

The remaining ride through the city was a chore. Traffic was intense, the exhaust was thick, and our legs were fatigued. But, the Pacific was in sight and Panama Viejo was getting closer.

Finally the ruins of Panam Viejo came into view and we made one last push to the finish.  Perry essentailly collapsed from exhaustion but ralleyd to celebrate with the rest of the team as Marcos captured the moment on video. The team had completed their proposed ocean to ocean unicycle expedition through the jungles of Panama.  It was time for a beer and quiet reflection.  We all sat on the wall of some ruins and let the memories of the past four days sink in.

A beautiful finish.

Day 1 complete

We just finished day 1 of our ride and are relaxing at BCI (an island in the canal).  This was supposed to be our easy day, but it turned out to be a little more challenging than we had anticipated.

Highlights of today’s ride:

  • Rode through Castillo (Castle) San Lorenzo on the Caribbean coast.
  • People were very excited to see us and wanted to know all about the trip.
  • Rode with giant butterflies.
  • Heard Howler Monkeys.
  • Rode through the locks and watched some enormous ships.
  • Took a small boat from the locks to BCI with a forest guard as our captain.

Special thanks to Marcos – our driver, guide, friend and goto guy.

Wish I could post some video or photos, but we’re just not equipped at the moment.  I’ll try to post more later in the week, but additional updates may have to wait until our return.

– Perry

Departing Newark

On time. See you in Panama!

Beating the storm

Steve, Brad, and Perry are at the Albany airport hoping to beat the winter storm. More updates when we reach Newark.

What are we up to?

Steve, Roland, Brad, Vince and Perry (me) are getting ready for their Panamanian Unicycle Expedition.  We’ve started this blog so our friends and family can read up on how our jungle ride is progressing.  As long as we can find internet connectivity, we’ll post photos along the way. Stay tuned…

Xmas Madness MTB Race

I was minding my own business, shopping for new uni tires when I ran into our favorite race organizer, Heather Rizzi.

“You coming out to the race tomorrow?” she asked.
“Um… it’s snowing pretty hard. You’re not really going to have the race. Are you?” says I.
“Of course. Lots of people have signed up,” says Heather.

I’ve always been a sucker for peer pressure. Jumping off a bridge? Count me in.

As soon as I got back home, I called Brad and Roland to see if they would join me.  Steve was supposed to be out of town.  Brad was feeling under the weather and Roland was a definite maybe.

At 9am on Sunday the 21st of December, 7 mountain bikers and only 1 unicycle (me), lined up for a race around the snow covered pond in Schenectady’s Central Park.

Dave Krause

Photo By: Dave Krause

What a blast! The snow was flying and the temps were dropping (around 18F). The uni handled surprisingly well through the snow and ice. I only had to dismount twice to get through some slush and didn’t have a single UPD. The two-wheelers were impressed.

For such a cold and snowy day, we had some enthusiastic spectators. A group of Turkish guys came up from NYC to watch their friend race.  They were blasting some great music and dancing up a storm.

My wife shot some video with our little point and shoot. Check it out!