Another teaser video

I just finished logging the helmet cam footage for the day before our junlge ride started.  We spent the day exploring the Old City (Casco Viejo) and surrounding area.

– Perry


Thanks for the Comments

Just want to say thanks for all of the comments.  We really enjoyed reading them and were happy to see that so many people followed our progress.

We’ve got about 20 hours of video footage and countless photos. We’ll continue to post updates as we sort through everything.

Until then… get out there and unicycle!


Day 4 – Journey Complete

Somewhere around 7:30pm on Thursday evening, we popped a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the completion of our ocean to ocean trek.  It was an emotional finish, as Panama Viejo came into view and the realization we completed something never done before, sunk in. Planet Jupiter smiled down upon us.

The day started with a long ascent that we could not ride.  Thankfully, we started early and there was a cool (for Panama) breeze to keep us comfortable. Upon reaching the summit, we were treated to a gradual, but long descent that was a blast to ride.  Day 4 was looking promising.

Within an hour, Perry had his first flat and after a quick patch, everyone was back up and riding.  But not for long.  Within minutes, Perry flatted again.  Time for a new tube. Flats became the theme of the day. The trail for day 4 was fantastic, but with what seemed like a constant string of flats for Perry, Brad, and Roland, it took a long time to get out of the jungle. It finally got to the point where Perry could no longer patch his tube and had to hoof it out.  Brad offered keep him company, and after hiking with the unis for about one and a half hours, the group was back together and Marcos was there for support.

Coming out of the jungle at Camino de las Cruces park

Coming out of the jungle at Camino de las Cruces park

Steve, Vince, Brad, and Roland continued to ride while Marcos gave Perry a lift to a local Pizza place where the team could get some lunch and finally put in a fresh tube. No more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  We devoured two gaint pizzas and quickly downed some large Cokes.

After lunch all 5 unis hit the hot road and battled with traffic as we made our way towards downtown Panama. Soon, we were in the thick of city traffic and the contrast between day 4 and days 1-3 was stark.  The cries of howeler mokeys were replaced by engine breaking of large trucks.  The soothing calls of birds replaced by the honking of horns. Smells of the jungle became a fleeting memory as we rode into the heart of Panama City.

The first half hour of riding through the city was quite fun. People whooped, hollered, gawked, and waved as we rode past. We’re certian this scene has never before played out in Panama City.

The remaining ride through the city was a chore. Traffic was intense, the exhaust was thick, and our legs were fatigued. But, the Pacific was in sight and Panama Viejo was getting closer.

Finally the ruins of Panam Viejo came into view and we made one last push to the finish.  Perry essentailly collapsed from exhaustion but ralleyd to celebrate with the rest of the team as Marcos captured the moment on video. The team had completed their proposed ocean to ocean unicycle expedition through the jungles of Panama.  It was time for a beer and quiet reflection.  We all sat on the wall of some ruins and let the memories of the past four days sink in.

A beautiful finish.

Team interviewed for Public Radio as they exit jungle

Hi, we have made it out of the jungle and have the Pacific ocean in our sights.  Just as we left the jungle, and got into cellphone range, we did an interview with Public Radio International’s (PRI) the world show.   We will be featured in their geoquiz which should air tonight (15th Jan) so tune in!

The link is live now

The show will then be archived on their website here.

off to the ocean!!

Gold route | PRI\’s The World

Video Teaser

We had a sligtly longer day of rest today and decided to reivew some of the video.  Here’s some teaser footage from Day 2.

More when we return and have time to cull the rest of the footage.

– Perry

Day 3 – Retracing the mule path

Starting the day on boat, we crossed the Chagres River to the head of the Camino de Cruces trail.  High humidity and lack of recovery time from yesterdays slog made the trek difficult from the get go.   The day was originally planned to cover 20km of trail and another 15km or so of road into Panama.  The first 10km turned out to be quite possibly the hardest 10km of my life.  The trail was first cut in 1517 and was used for hundreds of years to transport gold from the south to north.  Mules and slaves wore down the trail creating a valley as deep as 20 feet in some areas.  Add to that the cobblestones they used to pave the trail(which aren’t very well maintained for unicyclists) and you have one hard day on the unicycle.  We’re regrouping tonight for the last push tomorrow!


PS. a few pictures from yesterday

Roland and Vince on Pipeline, Photo by Christian Ziegler

Roland and Vince on Pipeline, Photo by Christian Ziegler

riding over Frijoles bridge on Pipeline road

riding over Frijoles bridge on Pipeline road. Photo by Christian Ziegler

Day 2 – Still Alive

Today we started at 7am with a boat ride to Buena Vista Penninusla and ended by riding our unis down Pipeline road into Gamboa at dusk.  This day included extensive riding on small footpaths and a dirt road, as well as a bit of jungle bushwacking.  By the end, a long day marked by lots of highlights (and a few lowlights).  These will have to wait for elaboration as I’m going to bed so I can get ready for crossing the Chagras early tomorrow morning to ride the Camino de Cruces!