Jungle Guni Muni

I picked a radom clip from the helmet cam and found this little gem of Vince burning up the trail on Day 2.  For the uninitiated… guni stands for geared-unicycle, and muni stands for mountain-unicycle.  Vince was riding Perry’s guni muni.  And riding it fast!!! See for yourself.

– Perry


5 responses to “Jungle Guni Muni

  1. This was on Pipeline road, right?

  2. Yep… probably the only smooth section we saw all day. I think even I enjoyed this section.

  3. Thanks a lot Perry for letting me try the best cross-country muni ever : your sweet geared KH29er with a well tuned maggie (tuned to C#, I think!). It was so much fun to ride, and I still can’t believe Ro was keeping up a that pace!
    The only weak spot of that machine was found too many times on those spiny trails…

  4. Holy crap, that looked really fast!

  5. Gotta love adrenaline junkies … 🙂

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