Vince Lemay

qualification-rtl-022I’m the Quebecer of the group, and I’ve been living in Montreal for three years now. I’m currently studying full time in mechanical engineering at the University of Quebec in Montreal, and working in aeronautics. My other interests are mountain biking, slacklining, eating good food and playing the didgeridoo.

Since 2003, my main hobby is riding a unicycle. Whether doing trials on skinny obstacles, freestyle tricks, riding technical trails in the mountain, or the commute ride to school; it’s always a great challenge. I’ve been part of only a few unicycle meetings and competitions over the years (TOQUE Games in Toronto, trials competitions in Quebec city and Montreal, some of the 24h races Lifestyle of the Rich & Famous in Ontario, and the famous Ride The Lobster across Nova-Scotia). I really enjoy discovering new places and cultures, and there’s nothing better than doing so on a unicycle. It’s even more fun to do it with good friends, so I’m really looking forward to that trip in Panama!



One response to “Vince Lemay

  1. Yeeepeee !
    Aller gogogo le Québécois !

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