Roland Kays

tonymeltonI’ve been riding the uni for almost 3 years.  As soon as I figured out how to ride it down the road I was off to try a trail, and have never looked back.  I still enjoy long-distance road riding, but the trails are the most fun, and most challenging.  Exploring new areas by unicycle is unique because it instantly puts people at ease – what risk could a crazy guy on a unicycle pose?  The result is typically an instant smile and a playful, if not dubious, conversation about what you’re doing.  I look forward to introducing Panamanians to off-road unicycling, and seeing what the jungle has to offer for challenges.

I’m a 37 year old father of 2 in Albany NY, where I work as Curator of Mammals at the NY State Museum.  I’ve been traveling to Panama off and on for 15 years for research projects, but this will be my first time on the Las Cruces trail.



One response to “Roland Kays

  1. I would add that it took you 2 years to evolve from 3 wheels (trike) to bike, at age 4, and 30 years to evolve from 2 wheels to one wheel. 😉

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