Brad Stratton

img_28291I’ve been riding the unicycle for about a year and a half now.  I started out my wheeled career back when I was 14 when I entered my first mountain bike race.  I’ve been an avid rider since and have crossed over into road biking and racing as well.  I first got the itch for uni when I was recovering from a running injury and I borrowed Perry’s 20″ wheel.  After a week I was hooked and I soon felt the need to follow the others off the road and onto the trail.  With the great support of Steve, Roland, and Perry I quickly gained confidence.  I found myself constantly eager to hop back on the wheel for another ride to test and improve my skills and have a friggin’ blast.img_3990

I love exploring exciting new places overseas and experiencing everything the culture and environment has to offer.  This trip will certainly be the most unique and memorable adventure of my life!

I’m 30 and live in Albany, NY, work for The Nature Conservancy making maps, and live downtown with my lovely girlfriend, 2 unicycles, 4 bikes, and 2 cats.


4 responses to “Brad Stratton

  1. you never cease to impress me! sounds like another amazing adventure in the life and times of Senor Stratton. Can’t wait to hear about this one. be safe

    Timberly would never do something like this!!

  2. Aleta Luberger

    PLEASE BE CAREFUL! (are you sure you’re the sane one?)

  3. Be sure to avoid the Bonk! I wont be there to drive out to pick you up this time!

    Have a blast!

  4. Go get ’em killer!!!! Nice site – looks like an awesome trip. Don’t forget my t-shirt from Panama City;-)

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