Steve Relles

personalrollercoaster-r3-steverelles-p1I’ve been unicycling for 4.5 years, after a mid-life crisis caused me to inexplicably purchase a one-wheeler on eBay. As my patient wife says, it combines my two favorite activities, athleticism and exhibitionism. Unicycling quickly became my favorite exercise because riding gives the excellent feeling of flying, there’s always some new trick or technique to learn, and it seldom fails to elicit smiles and conversation from passersby. Every ride I take, whether riding my big road wheel on peaceful farm roads, speeding around town on my guni (geared uni), or bumping through a good trail-ride on my muni (mountain uni), always leaves me with even more love for the sport. Also, I’m directly or indirectly responsible for Roland, Brad and Perry learning to unicycle.


At 46, I’m the old man of the team. I’m a stay-at-home-dad with my 2 kids, Monya (11), and Denali (8), and I run a small business called the Delmar Dog Butler. For further reading, my unicycle writeups are here.



5 responses to “Steve Relles

  1. Your wife is lucky to be married to such a gnarly old man who is so hot.

  2. I’m lucky to have a wife who’ll let me go on this ridiculous trip.

  3. arlene pearlman

    I knew you were special the first time I met you.
    Some are just naturally a big wheel – others simply go around in circles.
    Keep smiling.

  4. Steve,
    We were thrilled to see that you’re hooked! Look how far you’ve taken this thing. There’s a freelance writer who’s contacted me about possibly interviewing us on “sharing your passion” and how we influence other people to pursue their passions. If it’s a go, do you want to be a part of this thing? We’re moving to Washington state in a few months and hope to find some unicyclers there. We’ll be in NY in early August and would love to meet up with you guys again. Love your blog.

  5. yo steve, i’m trying to get in touch with you so i can get a contact for blair. my email account is defunct so i figured i would just google you and try and find some contact for you. dont know if this will even get to you so i will continue to try different avenues. either way, drop me a post at the address and let me know if you got blairs # (he aint listed) as i’m gonna be going out to park city to board.

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